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BOMBSHELL: Mosby’s DIRECT Role in the Freddie Gray Arrest Threatens Entire Case!

Marilyn Mosby is in hot water today after Megyn Kelly revealed that she may be responsible for the police crackdown on the corner where Freddie Gray was arrested.

After Judge Charles J. Peters struck down a motion for a gag order in the Gray case after it was determined that the motion lacked standing in an actual proceeding. Oh, and because she filed it in the CIRCUIT Court while the case was still in the DISTRICT Court. Smart.

But that’s not even the best part.


Weeks prior to Gray’s arrest and subsequent death, Marilyn Mosby ordered police to tighten up on the intersection where the fatal incident took place. She requested “enhanced” drug enforcement efforts from the officers in a specific and dangerous area. Was it because of her orders that Freddie Gray, a man with a long history of doing and selling drugs, was detained?

Below is a snippet of the transcript of “The Kelly File” where the document was revealed.

This is a stunning development in a case that has sparked riots, protests and angry debates all the way to the White House. Recalled DA Marilyn Mosby had publicly said these cops had no business chasing Freddie Gray and placing him under arrest in this drug infested area, accusing them of an unlawful arrest.

But today, “The Kelly File” got its hands on a blockbuster document.  An e-mail from a staffer in the Baltimore DA’s office to the Baltimore police less than a month before the Freddie Gray incident, directing the cops on behalf of the prosecutor to crack down on the exact area where Freddie Gray was arrested by quote, “enhancing their antidrug push there.”

The order was then passed along to the beat cops, get those drug pushers and you will be forced to account for your success daily. Off went the Baltimore PD and on April 12th, they arrested Freddie Gray.

After the story of Gray’s death broke, liberals cried that the police had no reason to arrest him, but this could change their tune.

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