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BOOM! 9/11 Victim “Torture is Telling My Kids Their Father Was Killed By Terrorists”

On CNN Newsroom, Terry Strada said that “it upsets me” to hear the ongoing debate sparked by the so-called Senate Torture Report because it distracts from what happened back in September 2001 where torture was, for her, losing her husband and having to tell her children why.

Torture is telling your children that their father was killed by terroristson American soil and that our government isn’t standing by our side to help us go after the people that caused it.

She went on to say that what interrogation tactics the CIA chose to use to retrieve intelligence from terrorists “doesn’t matter to me.”

So I live in a tortured environment, and I don’t think pouring water up their nose or making them walk around naked — Doesn’t matter to me.”

“Torture is watching what happened in 9/11,” Strada said. “Watching people jump out of buildings to save themselves – you know, to die as opposed to being burned to death… I mean the carpet was burning beneath their feet.”

h/t Washington Free Beacon

story by Monica Sanchez

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