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BOOM! Gringrich: GOP job is to understand Trump, not his job to understand them

Former presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, who is also the last candidate to win the state of South Carolina doing 2012 primary, joined the Sean Hannity show on Saturday night to discuss how businessman Donald Trump beat the political establishment in a virtual blow-out.

The former Speaker of the House was in super admiration mode of Trump’s win over the political establishment. Gingrich said was amused at the Hannity panel this seemed to think that Trump’s victories were a way to stop him later on.

Gingrich said something striking during his interview that should resonate with a lot of people.

“The base of his support are people who are sick and tired of the day-to-day baloney that has dominated the American politics and is also a very simple rule – If you think Washington is so sick you want someone to kick over the table then you like Donald Trump and you frankly don’t care about the details”

Listen and watch this video:

This was some great advice from Gingrich. What do you think about his analysis, was he spot on what was he off the mark? Share your opinions below and let us know what you think.

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