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Boots on the ground! Obama sending Special Forces to Syria!

The United States military will deploy a small number of special forces groups to consult with and provide assistance to Syrian rebel forces on the ground, according to CNN sources. President Barack Obama‘s administration hasn’t given an official word yet, but an announcement is expected sometime on Friday.

The White House is expected to announce Friday that the U.S. will deploy a small number of U.S. Special Operations forces to Kurdish-controlled territory in northern Syria. The American troops will help local Kurdish and Arab forces fighting ISIS with logistics and are planning to bolster their efforts.

Top secret missions conducted by U.S. Special Ops have already occurred on the ground, but a larger presence like the one suggested has yet to happen since the Syrian conflict began.

Obama is now putting boots on the ground in Syria! His credibility sucks! Click to Tweet


Wow, so glad we have a president that stands by what he says! Does this man ever do what he says? No, of course not.
Let’s put more American’s in harms way. Sure. How are we paying for this? Hmmm. Obama is a menace to society, to America, to the WORLD

h/t – CNN

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