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Boston Globe smears GOP front-runner Donald Trump with fake Sunday front-page headline

Are there any Americans in Boston anymore?

The Boston Globe is a great example of the current shift towards degeneracy in American… Click to Tweet
This morning the Boston Globe published a satire, fake news headline about the GOP front-runner Donald Trump and his ideas wanting to Make America Great Again. We knew they were going to publish this as someone leaked it before the weekend started but this just goes to show liberals will spare no expense to slap down anyone not part of the establishment who wants to try to fix America.

Interesting how cleaning up criminals in our country is now “satire.” Terrorists slaughtering us is a joke. Wanting productive, meaningful jobs back for everyone is some weird sicko idea. Looking at what’s been in the WH for two terms, it’s clear the population of our nation IS that dumb!


The vitriol spewed by such a mocking parody seems born of desperation, fear as if the candidacy of Donald Trump poses a true threat to an established political order, of which this newspaper represent.

Thank you Boston Globe for coming out of it’s close to show everyone what corporate mass media/journalism looks like political and commercial satire and sensationalism to influence the unentitled masses by any means available. Responsible reportage and in-depth investigative journalism that defies the staus quo and challenges the bastions of power whenever necessary for the furtherance of democracy, equality and justice has no place here in the USA.

The Boston Globe is a great example of the current shift towards degeneracy in American mainstream journalism. They are completely bought out and have turned their backs on the public, serving as nothing more then a propaganda machine for the elite powers of the west.

For the last 17 years the two-party system has clobbered middle America left and right: NAFTA (we buy all the cheap stuff from other countries, but those countries can’t afford our stuff); Outsourcing all kinds of Jobs; Finance False Wars (channel money to Bush buddies indefinitely); TARP (transfer 100 of billions of $ to wall street care of middle America); ACA; Sanctioned Illegal Immigration Invasion (displaces Americans). Now that there is a candidate that stands for and with America, the people in power will stop at nothing to keep their stranglehold on America’s resources and individuals.


Illegal means Illegal, its against the LAW or do you remember the LAW in America, People like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders do not. I know now not to buy or subscribe to the Globe, you will lose lots of customers on this. You think Millions of TRUMP followers will go out and buy your Globe, LOL you are killing yourself and can not see it.

Trump’s string of electoral victories in the 2016 GOP presidential primaries has indeed stunned political pundits. Their predictions that voters would see through Trump’s hollow bragging have fallen flat. What about Trump’s electability in November. Will Republicans turn on Trump?

As it turns out, a new poll shows incredible news! Not only will 3 out of 4 Republicans vote for Donald Trump, but his approval just reached 50% for the first time.” (Washington Examiner) Trump wave sweeps across America. After the Brussels blasts, Americans want a strong and tough president.

The liberal and Republican establishment are out in full force with all their money buying the media and Republican delegates in order to deny Donald Trump to become the first non-establishment President in US modern History and thwarting the will of the people.

Are they going to succeed? Not at all.

Trump is going to be the Next US President of the USA , even if he has to run as an Independent candidate.

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My name is Wayne Dupree or as most of you know me by, Newsninja2012. I am and have been committed to exposing the Democrats in a way that has been frowned upon by some conservatives and cheered by many more.

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