Boston Marathon Bombings Liberal Revision: Where the Tsarnaevs came from had “nothing to do” with the bombings

So, you have a Muslim who is part of a radical leftist organization denying that the Muslim backgrounds of the brothers had anything to do with their actions…Quelle surprise??! NOT! And, MSNBC showcases him; Quelle surprise again? NOT!! And, then he throws in Liberal mantra of Islamophobia…and climate of fear. Just another red herring/straw man to avoid reality ..typical Left/Lib smokescreen and lies.

Yes, their Chechen background is of such insignificance that the Russian government had Tamerlan hauled in by the FBI a few years ago to question him on radial Islamist ties as a “person of interest”. Now the Obama administration and the usual suspects are turning their propaganda machine on to blunt their failure to keep an eye on him. The Chechens have caused a lot of terror in the Russian homeland, and Putin is probably saying “I told ya so” in so many words.

Why do these people think we are idiots? The Chechens have been planting bombs in Russia for DECADES. Their most notable act was the killing of over 300 children in Beslan.

It’s amusing to watch these lefties trying to dance around the issue.


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