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BREAKING- Jenner Announces Trans-Racial Transformation

caitlyn-jenner-twitter-page (1)
Screenshot of Jenner’s Twitter page right after making it live. No word on when the racial re-assignment surgery will occur.

By Bill Collier- THIS JUST IN! Bruce Jenner, who calls himself Caitlyn (a “her”) has decided to ALSO dye her skin and “get other work done” to become a black woman.

Says Jenner, “I always felt like a black woman. I always identified with, you know, the whole struggle to overcome white male privilege, which is racism, as you all know.”

Jenner added, “I really hope my coming out as a black woman is accepted and I am certain that, for instance, the NAACP will not only support me but allow me to join and become, I don’t know, the President of the California chapter.”

Some have argued that one can only be born black, one cannot choose to become black, but a spokesperson for Jenner responded, “the idea that one cannot be a black person inside, whatever one’s physical attributes, is as absurd as the notion that one is born with a fixed gender, it is a societal imposition that smacks of intolerance for the trans-racial community.”

Jenner did not release details regarding the actual nature of the racial re-assignment surgery or when it might occur.

The NAACP could not be reached for comment on this important and breaking news but insiders report that “Caitlyn is a shoe-in for the post” (of President of the California chapter).

PS: Yes, this is satire!


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