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Breaking! Muslims shouting ‘Praise Allah’ surround police after press conference on beheading

During a press conference on a beheading in Oklahoma, it is being alleged that Oklahoma Muslims read from the Koran and surrounded police after the briefing, as reported at the Gateway Pundit. The beheading is being investigated by the FBI, as reported today at the Wall Street Journal.

Here is an excerpt:

Police in Oklahoma said on Friday that they have asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation for assistance after determining that a man who allegedly attacked co-workers after being fired the previous day beheaded one of his victims and, according to some employees, earlier tried to convert colleagues to Islam.

Evidently, a man “fired from a food processing plant in Moore, Okla., beheaded a woman with a knife, attacked another worker, and was shot by the owner of the company.” The good guy with a gun was Vaughan Foods COO Mark Vaughan. who also serves as an Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Reserve Deputy, as reported at the local Fox affiliate. “He’s obviously a hero in this situation,” said Sgt. Jeremy Lewis from Moore Police. “It’s very tragic and someone did lose their life, but it could have gotten a lot worse. This guy was definitely not going to stop. He didn’t stop until he was shot.”

Patrick Howley of the Daily Caller dug into the suspect’ social media pages:

Oklahoma beheading suspect Alton Alexander Nolen calls himself ‘Jah’Keem Yisrael’ on his Facebook page, where he uploaded photos of himself reading the Koran and wearing Muslim religious clothing.

Nolen’s Facebook ‘cover’ photo appears to be of several Taliban fighters, according to a Google reverse image search.

Howley’s research on this loser says it all.

Here is the suspect:

Alton Nolen, as shown in a photograph from the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, dated 2012. EPA
Alton Nolen, as shown in a photograph from the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, dated 2012. EPA

Here are the tweets alleging that police were surrounded:

Here is a report from the local news.

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