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BREAKING NEWS: Taliban Militants Attack A Pakistani School

Over 100 children and several school teachers were killed when Taliban militants stormed a school in Peshawar. The Army Public School and Degree College enrolls children between the ages of 10 and 18 and a Taliban spokesperson said the attack was retribution for the killing of Taliban members at the the hands of Pakistani authorities and has taken responsibility for the attack.

Inside the school, the terrorists set a teacher on fire in front of students and made the young children watch the teacher burn. They entered the school with guns and the intent to kill older students as the school is affiliated with the Pakistani military. The Pakistani para-military forces stormed the school and hours after the initial attack, they are still exchanging fire with the militants. Many of the children have been evacuated, but they are still calling this a hostage situation.

A Pakistani government spokesperson calls the school a “soft target” for the terrorist and confirmed government activity to control the Taliban militants. Six suicide bombers attacked the school in a brutal and horrific attack dressed in paramilitary uniforms allowing them to enter the school. Current reports confirm all six assailants have been killed and the hostages have been released.





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