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BREAKING! Virginia Delegate Wins Lawsuit, Not Bound To Vote For Trump

Virginian Carroll Correll Jr promised to support the candidate who the voters of Virginia have chosen and when it turned out to be Donald Trump, he wanted to get out of it. Please remember, he asked for and was granted the privilege of representing the voters at the GOP convention, understanding that obligation and that, only in the event no candidate were to achieve the necessary majority and the convention became contested could he exercise his free will.

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He even said he would risk being arrested than vote for Trump.

But what he did will speak volumes and not in a right way. Hopefully, he’s removed as a delegate as he has chosen not to support the will of the voters he promised to uphold.

From TheBullElephant:

A federal judge today found that the law establishing Virginia’s presidential primary, which took effect for the first time in 2000, impermissibly conflicts with the Rules of the Republican Party, and thus has enjoined its application to the 2016 Virginia delegation to the Republican National Convention.

Judge Robert Payne, sitting in the Eastern District of Virginia (Richmond), held that the statute cannot be used to block efforts by Beau Correll, an RNC delegate from Virginia’s 10th Congressional District), and others who wish to vote for someone other than presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

Ruling provides a victory for groups seeking to allow delegates to the Republican National Convention to vote “unbound” and for a candidate other than Donald Trump.

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Here is the entire argument if you want to scroll through it.

Correll Opinion by Steve Albertson on Scribd

Donald Trump was against the war in Iraq, he is against Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Trump is against bringing in refugees who can’t be screened, he wants to close the border to terrorists and OTM’s as well as drug cartel and human smugglers. He wants corporations to stay in America, keeping jobs here for college graduates and people working 2 and 3 jobs. Trump is working to keep America safe. What more could all of us in America want. Maybe we can become a united America once again when people are working and happy. Hillary is a fraud and a liar. What more is there to say. She could be very dangerous as president. Ask the FBI about that.

This Correll guy said no to all of this. What do you think should happen to this guy?

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