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Bruce Braley Farmer Comments Gaffe of the Year? Hardly.

What a surprise – A Democrat demonstrating arrogance, elitism, contempt, and a willingness to shill/say anything in order to protect an arrogant, elitist, contemptuous group of people who seek to use government power for their own ends.

Bruce Braley was trying to raise money from trial lawyers to help his chances of holding on to Tom Harkin’s seat for the Democrats in November. This was part of the effort to keep Republicans from taking control of the Senate. Braley warned his fellow lawyers that his efforts to block tort reform would get blocked by Senator Chuck Grassley if the GOP takes over. If that were to happen, Grassley would become the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and, as Braley puts it, that would just leave some dumb farmer in charge, rather than a smart lawyer. Watch:

There are so many things wrong with this but I’ll stick to my top 3.

First, as the granddaughter of a farmer from New Jersey, I resent the fact that Mr. Braley and his ilk would look down on people who not only work tirelessly for a living but have to possess common sense and creativity in order to be successful at what they do. The idea that just lawyers and ‘educated’ elites need only represent the people is just typical of the left’s mindset. I believe that one of the biggest roadblocks we have is that so many of our congressmen and senators are lawyers. That’s not to say that there aren’t many great people serving who fall into this category, but seriously, I think we would be much better represented by more ‘average’ folk.

Second, ONLY in a room full of lawyers is blocking tort reform a good thing. Enough said.

Third, and most importantly, I take issue with the fact that some are calling this a ‘gaffe.’ Even though John Dickerson writing for the left leaning website Slate takes issue with Braley’s comments, he calls this a “gaffe”.  Actually, he calls it the “Gaffe of the Year” Really?

Why is this so awful? Let us count the ways. Iowa is a farm state, and it’s never a good idea to disparage one of the state’s chief occupations. Next, it’s particularly not a good idea to demean your state when you’re somewhere else: In this case, Braley was speaking in Texas. Next, Braley, a trial lawyer, was making his pitch to a room full of trial lawyers at a private fundraiser (which is why he didn’t think he was being recorded). Trial lawyers are perhaps the most unpopular constituency among Republican base voters—besides Obama administration officials. Since midterm elections are all about motivating your base, Braley has given his opponent a turnout gift. Next, look where Braley is standing: If you’re going to talk down to Iowa farmers, at least don’t do it next to a table of booze. It makes for amusing viewing and that reinforces the idea for voters that you’re not one of them.

Nice try, Mr. Dickerson. While I agree with some of your points, why are you calling this a gaffe? He meant every word he said. Stop giving these guys a break when it is so obvious what the intention was.

For those on the right who may be quick to accept his apology and move on, let me remind you that we do our side no favors being so cordial when the left says things like this. If a Republican had said the same thing, he or she would already be a demolished by every news agency and every Democratic operative. They would have the Republican condemned and excoriated by now.

No wonder Republicans keep losing. They fail to understand what we are really up against and they keep using that to their advantage. Enough already!

Braley has since tried apologizing for the comments against farmers. As the granddaughter of a farmer, I say apology NOT accepted.

About Alyssa Lafage

Alyssa Lafage is a young professional from southern New Jersey and self-described constitutional conservative. In addition to contributing to, Alyssa's writing can be found on CNSNews, PolitiChicks, Right Wing News and Save Jersey. Her activism has landed her appearances on NewsMax TV, One America News, Breitbart News on SiriusXM and other national media outlets.

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