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Bullies Angry Phil Robertson Allowed to Return – Marc Lamont Hill ‘Morally Reprehensible’ Decision to Keep Phil Robertson

As you know, the left think the can win everything. The American people stood up and made a decision to join hands to force A&E’s totally backwards decision or suspending Phil Robertson because of statements he made in GQ magazine.

CNN contributor Marc Lamont Hill spoke out loudly against A&E’s decision to effectively lift it’s “suspension” of Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson. While he said he’s not “surprised” they made the decision to keep filming with the whole Robertson family, Hill found that decision “morally reprehensible.”


“They had to make some sort of gesture to make people happy,” Hill said of the network, “and they did that with the suspension which essentially meant nothing.” Just a Bible network wouldn’t want a “card-carrying atheist” to represent them, he continued, A&E should be able to keep a “card-carrying homophobe” off its air out of respect for the LGBT community.

“A&E decided that the 14 million viewers and millions and hundreds of millions of dollars that come with that is worth more than the LGBT community. That was the choice that they made,” Hill continued. “They were swayed by the market and unfortunately justice lost out this time.”

Yeah, 14 million viewers are more than the LGBT community Marc. Live with that homie! LOL. By the way, get a wrag and some warm water to wipe that egg off your face.

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