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“Burn the Cracker Jesus” challenge

Everyone has heard of the “cold water challenge”, but have you heard of the new social media challenge called “White Jesus Picture Challenge” or #burnwhitejesus? A man who is known by the name of Mr. Savannah Black uploaded a YouTube video three weeks ago challenging others to burn any pictures of a “white Jesus” because it only supports the idea of white supremacy.

In his YouTube video he describes it as “burn the cracker Jesus” challenge. There is a pop-up that asks the viewer to close their eyes and say Jesus and then asks what image comes to mind. I have to ask, “Does it honestly matter?” Anyone who has any sort of Christian training has been taught that God/Jesus is LOVE so it doesn’t matter if he’s purple and pink polka-dot as far as I’m concerned.

This racist ding-dong takes his challenge so far that I had to turn it off. His dialogue was filled with language so vile and directed at Christ that I’m surprised the earth didn’t open and swallow him. It was sickening! The scary thing is that people are doing this, and there is no condemnation. We are now seeing Christ being used as a target of racism. This disgusting hate is being spewed through his Facebook page, YouTube page, and Twitter. He also has a broadcast!

Racism is a battle that we should not be fighting in this day and time….on either side of the aisle. If an American burned a Quran they would be labeled and ostracized, but this nut-job burns a picture of Christ and nothing is said. He needs to be publicly condemned. No picture of Christ….black, white, pink or striped should be burned. Jesus is all things and He meets us where we are no matter our race. In the meantime, I’ll be praying for Mr. Savannah Black. That’s what my “colorless” Christ has taught me to do.






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Raising awareness about the hypocritical, politically-correct corruption that is plaguing our nation is very important. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to make things better for the next generation.

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