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Bush surrogate Ana Navarro – “Mainstream Repubs will stay home if Trump is nominee”

Jake Tapper, host of CNN’s State of the Union, invited Jeb Bush surrogate Ana Navarro on the Sunday’s show to talk about Bush, the GOP campaign season and oh yes, Donald Trump. Tapper questioned Navarro about the possibility of Trump being voted the nominee at the GOP convention in 2016 and her response won’t shock you but it was how she did it that caught my attention.

“A Donald Trump nomination would be very bad for some of the senators,” Navarro said, “folks running statewide in some of the purple and blue states… I’m not sure how much of the traditional Republican mainstream usual suspects who go to a convention you would see if that’s the case.”

Once again you see a protector of the failing establishment trying to rally the troops either start fighting back against Trump and I will add in Ted Cruz, or just stay home.

This is unacceptable and a dangerous game. S.E. Cupp already said the GOP might have to lose this election to save the party if Trump is nominated.

What ever happened to beat Trump fair and square? Watch this video:

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