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CAIR jumped out in front of San Bernardino story but what they did at this presser is suspect!

Wow. Watch the video below and let us know if this looks suspicious or not.

A bizarre late-night Press Conference held by CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) sure makes you think they believe the San Bernardino Mass Shooting may be a terrorist attack. They appear to have called the conference to get out ahead of the story, as Syed Farook has reportedly been named as one of the suspected shooters.

Two Islamic leaders condemned the attack, without saying whether they believe it is terrorism.

Then, a man identified as Farook’s brother-in-law got up and apologized as well, on behalf of the family. When he started to accept some questions, he was cut off by the leader of CAIR and not really allowed to answer any further questions.

What do you think? They look to be covering tracks like never before on this incident. Tell us what you think below in our comment section.

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