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CALL TO ACTION: CA Initiative Will Render Union Money Useless In Elections

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A California Republican has introduced an initiative that will effectively render public sector union, and other special interest money useless in elections.

John Cox, a lawyer & founder of the Cox Financial Group, says that his Neighborhood Legislature initiative would be the “greatest transfer of power since 1776,” because “special-interest money won’t control the state legislature.”

If passed, the Neighborhood Legislature initiative would create 100 tiny “neighborhood” districts in each state Assembly & Senate district. Citizens in each neighborhood district would then elect a “Neighborhood Legislator” for a total of 100 Neighborhood Legislators per Assembly/Senate district. Those 100 Neighborhood Legislators then select one to go to Sacramento to make law. Once a law is written, it goes back to all of the Neighborhood Legislators who vote it up or down.

How will the initiative render public sector union money useless? Cox says that, “in these tiny districts, money won’t be a factor. No one will run TV or radio ads in a district of 5-10,000 people.” He added that “even if the unions do spend a lot in all these districts, a candidate can compete with their massive spending just by going door to door to talk to his voters. You can do that in a tiny district; you cannot do that in today’s huge districts.”

Currently, public sector unions are by far the biggest spenders in CA elections.


The initiative will most likely help Republicans in California as they do very well in local races (Republicans hold almost half of the city council/mayoral seats in CA). The initiative will also save California $130 million a year according to a state analysis.

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Mr. Cox has spent approximately $500,000 on the initiative so far, and is rallying volunteers to get out and collect the signatures needed to get it on the ballot.
To get the initiative on the ballot, 807,615 signatures are needed by May 19.

As a Californian who is tired of his state being hijacked by special interests like public sector unions, I’m all for anything that will lessen their grip on power. I say let’s get out there and make this happen.

If you’re in California and want to help collect signatures, you can signup on the website to have a petition packet sent to you. The signup page is at The best place to collect signatures is at Republican & Tea Party events & meetings. Let’s rock-n-roll. It’s time to take back our state.

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