Californians Protest Gun Laws, Islamists Show up, Arguments Ensue

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On Sunday, I covered a pro-Second Amendment protest at the CA state capitol. In California, we have some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country. Open carry is banned outright, for both long guns, and hand guns. When I arrived at the capitol, I was surprised to see an Islamic event going on right around the corner. It was Muhammad’s birthday, and Islamists were celebrating.

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When I approached the Islamist event, a teenager came up to me and asked if I wanted any food or water. I thanked him but declined, saying that I had to get to another event. I bounced back and forth between the two events, taking pictures & video, and chatting with the speakers. There were considerably less attendees at the Second Amendment protest than usual (probably because of the NFL playoffs), but a decent crowd had showed up. Usually we get several thousand at the capitol when gun rights protests are held.

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Speaking at the protest were Elizabeth Emken, candidate for CA’s 7th Congressional District, former Marine, and President of the Sacramento Republican Assembly Ron Givens, Lead Pastor of Davis Christian Assembly/former state assembly candidate Jonathan Zachariou, candidate for CA governor, Robert Newman, and Col. Ian Houston, a producer at TheHossUSMC.


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The speakers were on fire. Some of the best I’ve seen at an event in a long time. They railed on “criminals” taking over the Democrat party, and joked about storming the capitol building. When some Islamists from the event going on on the North steps meandered over, some arguments over gun rights ensued. One argument in particular got heated, the one between gubernatorial candidate Robert Newman and a few other Islamists. It ended with Newman shouting at one of them, “Talk some sense into your friend! He doesn’t know what he’s talking about!” Capitol police showed up at some point, and later a few of the speakers joked, “I thought they were coming to arrest me!”

The two pictures below are of the exchange between Newman & the Islamists. They were yelling and very animated.

2a protest phone ca 1-19-14 (13) recrop_604x600

2a protest phone ca 1-19-14 (14) recrop_717x600

The Islamic event was mostly singing, chanting, and bowing, but they had some fiery speakers too. I couldn’t tell what they were saying because they were speaking in Arabic. I asked a few of the attendees what they thought about 2nd Amendment rights. They responded coolly. I could tell they were uncomfortable with them, or outright disagreed but didn’t want to get into it at a party for Muhammad. As the Muslim population grows in California, we’ll see what kind of role they play in the political realm. On a side note, it was great to see a lot of young people at the 2A event. The next generation showed up, which will be key to taking California back, and regaining our freedoms.

Below are pictures of the events. Video of the speakers is coming soon.

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