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Call Him Racist, I dare you! No Help After Superstorm Sandy? Angered Staten Island Resident Tells President Obama: “You Lied”

President Obama promised to help victims of Hurricane Sandy after the storm ravaged the East Coast. But after meeting with the president, one Staten Island family says he has broken that promise. Scott and Deidre McGrath joined Fox and Friends to tell their heartbreaking story.

Scott spoke to the president after the storm, in what he described as a “staged” meeting. He said, “They put us into this tent and they wanted to make believe we were shopping for our products. Most of the residents that live in that area were never up there.”

After waiting on line, Scott was able to talk to President Obama. He recalled saying, “President Obama, you said you were going to cut the red tape. You lied. And he says, ‘what do you mean?’ I said, you lied … you said you were going to cut the red tape; it hasn’t been cut for the middle class. What are you giving us, the royal finger?”

Frustrated by their current situation, Scott said, “You got to blame the president, you got to blame the local politicians, you even got to blame the borough president of Staten Island.” He added, “Nobody really wants to hear it. It’s all, you know, they’re always passing the buck.”

When the president asked about his concerns, Scott said he told him about FEMA giving them the runaround and Bank of America wanting them to keep paying a mortgage. President Obama said there wasn’t much he could do about the bank, but referred Scott to two aides to help with FEMA.

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