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Call It What It Was: Islamic Terrorism

Two men associated with ISIS and armed with AK-47s carried out what is obviously a terrorist attack on U.S. soil after previously declaring their intentions on Twitter. Immediately following the attack, where both men were killed by police, their fellow terrorists again used Twitter to praise the two attackers and proclaim them to be martyrs defending the honor of the Prophet Mohamed. Fortunately security at the event was tight, and only one person, an unarmed security officer, was slightly injured before Garland police shot and killed the gunmen.

Sharia is light2

Given the fact that the attack was carried out at the site of the “Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest”, and that the attackers cited the perceived insult to Mohamed as their justification for their actions, there is no room for doubt that this was indeed an act of Islamic terrorism, not just a random act of workplace violence carried out by disgruntled Tea Party extremists angry about taxes or Obamacare.

Gabrielle tweet

In an interview with CNN, president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative Pam Geller said “The Islamic jihadis are determined to suppress our freedom of speech violently.They struck in Paris and Copenhagen recently, and now in Texas.”

We also know by the fact that there were additional Twitter postings coming from an account associated with Islamic extremists praising the actions of the two dead shooters as the situation was still unfolding that the two gunmen were not acting alone, so the “lone-wolf” homegrown terrorist angle can be put to rest as well. This was undoubtedly a coordinated act of Islamic terrorism carried out on U.S. soil for the purpose of silencing American citizens who were exercising their Constitutional right to free speech.

What we do not know is whether President Obama, who has not yet spoken to the American people about this terrorist attack, will muster the courage and intellectual honesty to use the words “Islamic terrorism” to describe these attacks. More than likely, he will instead place the blame on the organizers of the event for provoking the attack by ‘stupidly’ exercising their freedom of speech.

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