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Call To Action: Tell Brandeis University Not To Support Female Genital Mutilation By Islamists

By Jeff Rainforth aka Rainforth’s RoughNecks on Facebook:

Brandeis University withdrew an honorary degree to Somali-born Ayaan Hirsi Ali after coming under pressure from the Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR) for criticizing female genital mutilation by Islamists. Ayaan was born into a Muslim family, and went on to become a member of the Dutch Parliament. She survived genital mutilation, and is a fierce critic of the practice.  Ayaan worked with film director Theo van Gogh who produced the short film “Submission,” a movie about female genital mutilation by Islamists. Theo was then assassinated by Dutch–Moroccan Islamist Mohammed Bouyeri for insulting Islam.

What it appears we have here is an American university bowing to the demands of the Islamist group CAIR out of fear that that they also will be targeted. It’s outright cowardice on the part of Brandeis University. Brandeis should immediately confer the honorary degree on Ayaan, and admit that they acted out of fear of Islamist radicals, and that they do not support female genital mutilation. If there was ever a “War on Women,” it’s being waged by Islamists, and Brandeis University has declared that they are allies with them in that war. It’s disgusting & sickening to think an American university would ever side with those who degrade and mutilate women worldwide.

Watch the videos below where Megyn Kelly from FOX News interviews both Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and a representative from CAIR on Brandeis University’s decision. The final video is the short film “Submission.”

After you have watched the videos, let Brandeis University & CAIR know what you think about them. Shame Brandeis University into conferring the honorary degree on Ayaan, and into opposing the disgusting Islamic practice of female genital mutilation.

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Council on American–Islamic Relations on Twitter
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Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s website

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