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Carly Fiorina RIPS Hillary Clinton’s latest economic speech “She doesn’t understand how the economy works” – VIDEO

Does Hillary Clinton have any credibility left with the voting public?

GOP President Candidate Carly Fiorina just released a direct response to Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton’s economic vision speech given this morning at the New School of New York. Fiorina, who has consistently blasted Clinton’s remarkable style of not connecting with the American people slammed this less than impressive speak-a-thon as a “bundle of contradictions, and a litany of progressive prescriptions.”

Takeaways from Carly’s video today:

“Everything she proposed will make crony capitalism worse – not better,” Fiorina stated.

“Her speech proved two things to me. She is a card carrying member of the professional political class and she actually doesn’t understand how the economy works.”

Hillary can’t be taken seriously and I commend Carly for consistently standing strong in calling her out every time she gets a chance. What do you think about Carly Fiorina?  Share your comments below.

H/T – Carly’s Facebook Page

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