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Carson Responds To Liberal Attack On Trump’s “African-American” Mistake

When I watched GOP nominee Donald Trump yesterday during his speech in California, he was speaking and championing an incident that happened at one of his rallies where an African American man met up a white supremacist and put him down.

Trump tried to clarify what it happened at the rally because the media got it wrong reporting how the black man was escorted out because he was black. Trump casually picked out a black man in the crowd while he was talking about the story and said “My African-American,” in a way to see if rally attendee knew what he was talking about.

Liberals have been hanging on Trump’s every word trying to cause a controversy over anything he says. This is nothing new which is the explanation that former 2016 Presidential Candidate, Dr. Ben Carson gave today in response to the media going after Trump on his speech.

In my lifetime, I have been able to push away the notion that everything is because of slavery. It is a mindset of where I am at and where I want my kids to join me. The past is something to learn but not something to hold. I know about slavery, I know about the slave masters, I know about the plantations, I’m not on any of those today.

Dr. Carson broke it down very eloquently and as you will viewing the video below he is also moving forward trying to make the future better not forgetting his roots but making sure the future doesn’t mirror the past.

Listen not forget how are Hillary Clinton call black gang members super predators or how Bill Clinton during the 2008 campaign reminded everyone that Barack Obama would’ve been bringing him coffee back in the day. You want to be mad that Trump slipped up, but you can’t call out the real racist on the Democratic side?

Do you think Donald Trump meant to use “My African-American” in a possessive slave sense or do you think he got caught up in the moment of his speech? Share your comments below.

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