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Carson Wins! A 12 Year Old’s Analysis of the GOP Debate

When you are conservative and a political junkie, the kick off of the GOP presidential debate season is akin to beginning of the NFL playoffs. I was ready to go and did not believe my night could get any better until my 12 year old son joined me to watch it.

Over the past six months I took a hiatus from political activities. I needed a chance to recharge as witnessing the political machine up close left me feeling depressed and with little hope for our country.

I thought making an impact and changing hearts and minds would be much easier given the state of our nation. I have since discovered our psychology makes it difficult to change a person’s beliefs even when faced with harsh realities. In the worst of circumstances, we tend to dig in and become further entrenched in our opinions and beliefs rather than admit our mistake.

Watching the GOP debate with my son reminds me rather than changing minds of those entrenched, sharing conservatism with his generation may be the key to improving the state and of our nation and future of our republic.

So rather than provide readers with opinions from the entrenched, I thought it would be more interesting to share his opinions of the candidates and their performance tonight.

The big winner: Carson
My son said Dr. Carson is a great candidate. He is smart, and managed to turn an argument against him into a positive. He seemed to think about everything he said, and while he didn’t have much time in the debate, when he did, he used it well.

Tyler’s Top Three: Carson, Huckabee, Rubio
He felt each did consistently well throughout the debate. He said he liked them, that he felt they meant what they were saying, and they did not seem rehearsed.

He felt Carson was the clear winner, and especially liked what he said at the close of the debate. He liked Rubio’s story and said he felt like Rubio understood the American dream.

Middle of the Pack: Cruz, Walker, Bush, Kasich

Cruz: He thought Cruz answered the questions very well, and was very consistent throughout the debate.
He did not feel connected with Cruz until he answered the question about God and gave his final thoughts. He said Cruz should tell more stories like the one about his dad.

Walker: He liked Walker’s answers and felt like he was a regular person. He said mom talks Walker up a lot, so he had high expectations and thought he could have done better.

Bush: He changed his opinion of Bush from a bottom candidate to a middle candidate. He felt like he was working really hard and answered all questions very well.

Kasich: He did not feel he heard much from him, but liked him and wanted to hear more.

Trump: He likes that Trump brought attention to illegal immigration, but felt he was all over the place during the debate and too impulsive. He found Trump funny and able to make a point quickly through humor, but seemed out of his league.

Christie and Paul: He thought they both improved greatly toward the end but ranked them in the bottom two. He liked some of their answers but felt they were too single minded and could not compromise.

Tonight, my hope for our nation’s future begins its restoration. Rubio was right, we are blessed. The GOP has several good candidates for its 2016 presidential nominee, while the Democrats can’t find one!

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Stacy is the creator and editor of She is a common sense conservative who decided she could no longer stand on the sidelines and watch the country fall apart.

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