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CASTELONI – Dangerous Reactions to Paris Terror



Word is running that Putin has been financing some of the migration movement to Europe. This is coming on the heels of suspicions that the Metrojet bombing over Egypt was FSB orchestrated – it being common knowledge that a week or two before the bombing, Russian travel agencies had begun to switch customers’ travel packages from Egypt to Turkey.

Now, as a result of the ISIS terror, former French President Sarkozy has been calling to buy oil from Russia and boycott Saudi oil. It does not take much to figure out that Europe might be getting pushed into the arms of Putin; the reason being that the Russian oil they would purchase might come from Syria and other places Russia has been invading or been a client to in the mid-East. Let us not forget that China is a huge importer of oil from the region too.


Last but not least is Erdogan flexing Ottoman Empire nostalgia in Turkey – bombing the Kurds and supporting ISIS strategically beyond its borders as a sort of appetizer. More dangerous is that this campaign of teasing the Turks into empire enthusiasm worked very well for Erdogan in the last election and will be his bread and butter rhetoric – with the full support of Obama.

This Ottoman Imperialism obviously has designs on conquering Europe and making ties with Turkmenistan; thus an attack by ISIS on Paris risks splitting the Nato alliance with Turkey and alienating Armenia back into the clutches of the Soviet Union – or it might be something that Obama will ask Europe to accept with the invading hordes coming through Turkey. In any case, Sufi clerics, who are usually peaceful but often left-wing circle influenced, have also been beating the drums in support of this policy.

It begs the question then: for whom do these ISIS terrorists work? Are they of the islamist inmates Assad released in order to get the western backed student protests destroyed? Were they working for Turkey to prep for an Ottoman empire recruitment of muslims in Europe? Or are they part of a Putin plan tied to the frustrations over the Ukraines? Red haired ISIS Chechens have already been sighted and suspected of being FSB agents. In any cases, wherever we turn heads, it seems ISIS is not ISIS but some clearinghouse terror weapon for the first highest bidder, not only financially but politically as well, ie. a means to shift the strategic balance and certainly not the JV team Obama talks about.

This is not the time for personal politics and kneejerk reactions, rather a time to consider our actions very carefully. It may very well be that “we” might have to settle for 200 deads a year for 200 years in terror attacks in order to not give up the house to sinister characters, I do not know. It certainly is not, however, the time to play personal politics as Obama intends.

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