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CASTELONI: French Leftist Official Smuggling Syrians

Well, well, well, it looks like illegal immigration is big business for leftists along with making guns illegals for the same reason of extortion racket. A French Consular official in Turquey has been found selling canoes to Syrians willing to pay the price. Frankly, at $5000 a pop, you would think legalizing this process by giving them first class tickets to France would be preferable. If these people are neeeded for the economy, then why make them risk their lives on single hull canoes that are barely pond worthy, let alone sea worthy. Or is it that the left loves to make people crawl to them so they can extort them via private political donation routes? image To think that folks like Lindsey Graham or Glenn Beck wants to add to this unstable situation, one has to wonder what is up with the hysteria. Good will is nice, but irresponsible good will in the face of blindness to the actual long term strategy is irresponsible. Note that Putin sent Chechens to fight with ISIS but is now coming to the aid of a desperate Assad who does not want to finish like Kadhaffi. Pretty cever, eh? So, go on making the American people feel bad while the world burns, until people do not see strategy, people like Beck become more the problem than the solution for this ongoing crisis. (Click video picture below)
The Mayor, the Captain and the Prefecture involved.

Should we blame America or the politicians and their smugglers? Tell us what you think.

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