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CASTELONI: Kill Bearded Men: Social Control In the Name of Loving Bearded Women

So, there, I started it, a new issue for liberals to be outraged about: beards in a transgender world. Well, not exactly, it was GQ which two years ago started to remind everyone that the Atlantic had sounded the alarm about beards being racist and sexist. Well, I say it is time to dust-up that tome and adapt it to our new gender negated Obama society.  Maybe as a result I will get tenure at some stupid Ivy League University for bringing this theme and paper up. What can I say, there is a lot of federal funding and thus moneys redistributed for increasing the sophistication of social controls these days.

That is right ISIS, your beards notwithstanding, move out the way, Ramadan is no longer an excuse to socially control people’s piety to the Caliphate, now beards have become the number one social controlling priority. What of French women with hairy armpits? Well, we will leave that to John Stewart, because only he can make bigoted jokes. I mean, I do not want to handle that, I do not want to lose my future tenure at a university because some French Femen are now upset.

I am not sure what will be the next meme for our social control fascists of the media, whether it will be snipers, hunters eating Cecil or bearded men, but I will give you a hint if you want to be given the keys to the world, to this mental jail being built up:

1. Read up on Ionesco and the theater of the absurd.

2. Then take a turn watching crazy auditions for American Idol, with all kinds of scammers and other people forcing their voice on audiences, making terrorist threats because they get fired.

Social Control and Hallal Love Coercion: And do not forget porn with an empowerment PC nikab!
Social Control and Hallal Love Coercion: And do not forget porn with an empowerment PC nikab!

That would be a good start. I mean, can’t we be forced to be family? What is wrong with you? Nationalism is not for us, it is only for places like Iran or groups like ISIS, because, you see, if it is the culture or coded, then, by all means, forbid all questions and crush open minds. Sure, attack the negations of lives under Hitler, but, certainly, do not upset liberals doing it by upholding life, do it by negating everything!

You never know, you might create bumper stickers and make money that way, asking for donation for your program. Come on, Westboro Baptist and liberals need help! So, what do you think? Do you have a relative without a job and in need of money? Have them try it, why not? It would be a first step selling your body as a nation. What do you think of my Ann Coulter like column?



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