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Casteloni: Prussian Girl School as a Masquerade for Equality and Freedom

America under liberalism has not promoted women rights nor women equality. What it has done is emasculate the original Prussian school curriculum for now until it can be re-established in its full blown fascist brownshirt glory, with its gender assignments accordingly.


Whether you take the fraud of MMA fighter Fox now being allowed to beat, as a man, other women, simply because he looks like a woman, or the Planned Parenthood scandal, society has not evolved into equality and freedom. Rather it has evolved into imposition of the girl school curriculum of the Prussian system to all. Basically the Prussian school, being segregated between boys and girls, was not abandoned but reinforced only without the boy curriculum. It is not like the Girl Scouts moved with the Boys, but quite the opposite, the Gay Boy Scouts have moved to merge on Girl Scout Terms (and same thing with transgendered bathrooms charade).

No one in America would have accepted to a boy curriculum of Prussian school, because it was too obvious in its fascism, so instead, only the girl curriculum was kept, and girls, attending its sex appeal empowered curriculum and sororities, embraced it completely while other men accepted it. It is not promoting woman equality when the curriculum that was segregating sexes all of a sudden simply keeps the segregation up but hides it by simply eliminating the boy curriculum. Frankly, the American woman is being slated to become a full time prostitute object for invaders, hating guns, appeasing these “men” with accepting abortion and sex.

Feminism in America is absolutely racist and sexist because it also has promoted the idea of “black schools” and erased the white school. In other words, it simply has kept the racist language that blacks need to be kept at black schools, only that white people will attend school on a cursory basis, not as a goal.

In that scheme the enemies of the US in the “former” Soviet Union have jumped on the language and used that cynical maneuver of our leaders to blackmail them from ever rearming or remilitarizing the US, even emasculating our armed forces. Yes, our Armed forces, who take their salute from Baron Von Steuben himself, have been effectively conned into accepting a change in curriculum to “girl” (read submissive and sex slave like utilitarian) and third world slavery interest levels.

So, when you wonder why our corporate leaders see nothing wrong with massive immigration, it is simply because they hope to benefit from the Prussian girl school corporate culture. However, little do these fools realize that the world of Russia, China or Islam are not made of girl schools. Anything feminine there is completely mocked and destroyed. In other words, the world has been manipulated into establishing the East as keeping the boy curriculum so that the West adopting the girl geeky curriculum would become dominated.

Freedom lovers thus are stuck between the rock of the Prussian girl school here at home promulgated through disgusting political correctness pride, and the hard place of having to face a belligerent boy curriculum from abroad, one in ISIS attracting boys to war, for instance.

So, let me know, if your son feels unsatisfied as a man, will he join ISIS or Russia? Or is he going to be forced to submit in humiliation to girl school dress codes and third world standards of schooling that were predominantly reserved for blacks and illegals? Tell us what you think.

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