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Casteloni: TAFTA, TPP: Question for Real Candidates

In Europe few know about the TPP, but in America few know about the recent 8th session of TAFTA negotiations. That is right, another yet opaque transatlantic treaty which is coming up. There currently is a conspiracy theory movement in Europe that is trying to tie Christians and Communists together against the socialist Marie Antoinettes that are in power. This thinly veiled pro-Putin group is leading the charge against the Transatlantic Treaty, portraying America as a hegemony or imperialist body – as if Russians would never dare do something like BRIC or SCO, the real Boy Club counterpart to our girly club out West.


However, looking from the U.S., with our current diminishing nuclear arsenal, it is highly unlikely that the U.S. in the present days would be able to initiate a war with Russia. It might have been possible in the 60s, or even the 90s, but nowadays it is Russia which is the superior force. Also, knowing how inept the CIA is, it probably is the French socialists who are infiltrating our government. Last but not least, Obama’s KGB friendly Muslim Brotherhood is certainly not pro-American as the conspiracy theorists insist, but definitely a “former”-Soviet beast rearing its ugly head in the Mid-East.

So, what exactly is going on? America is not anti-trade but for its founding principles to be respected, because what good would be free speech if there was nothing to be criticized? In effect there is a huge push for social justice concerns alongside to be integrated with this TAFTA, all of which would be forcing tax payers to pay for charities that are anathema to freedom and which would favor speech supression political correctness tools that are currently benefiting European leaders (such as shutting bank accounts of undesirable voices).

Again, TAFTA is another paper tiger of the West, aiming to transform America into a fascist good-girl school for corporations, ready to be taken over by the bad-boy school of ISIS/Russia, in total betrayal, but one portrait politically correctly. TAFTA is politically correct compliance thinking fascism imposed to us by the like of Hillary, but also politically correct surrender to the SCO beast, an all fitting typical scenario of irresponsible leadership.

This scenario of the whore of Babylon is hardly new, as most prophecies are simply extensions of proven history. In the same way, during the French Revolution, patriotic monarchs opposing the corruption of Marie Antoinette were persecuted and sent in the same prisons with the Jacobins. I pray that America does not fall in the same trap that Europeans are falling in, given that America looks understandably evil with Obama as an Islamic-CIA colonization threat to them.

It would thus behoove on the “Fox and Friends” and Megyn Kellys’ out there to stop playing smart lawyers trying to humiliate Trump as if he were a witness to smear to a jury, but instead asked the right tough questions to our candidates about the current situation.

Tell us what you think and if the like of Megyn Kelly should be replaced so that they stop doing this Faux Challenge at Faux News and asked real questions of the big boy school.


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