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Civil Liberties

BEHNA: WOW! These Twitter Users Want To Abolish The 2nd Amendment #2A


Since the Orlando terrorist attack, there has been much debate again over gun control. These twitter users below were just some of many who actually believe banning all guns (which is impossible), is the solution. In other words, repealing the 2nd Amendment. The #2ndAmendment is an AMENDMENT to the #Constitution, …

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Standoff Day 3 – FBI responds to militia in Oregon


This is but the beginning. People are tired of the overreach of the government. Judging by the comments here, most have no clue how many rights they have lost already. Example, did you know you can be arrested for terrorism without any charges filed, and you don’t get to see …

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Chicago residents want Rahm Emanuel to resign even after apologized!


Where’s Uncle Obama telling us that would have been his kid? Can’t go against the team players I guess. Funny how a University president resigns over a racial slur (supposedly) uttered by some unknown person off campus toward a black, but the Godfather, Obama’s buddies and liberal icon of the …

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