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Obama Commutes Another 79 Felons, He’s Over 1K For His Presidency

Sometimes you have to stop and think what the hell Barack Obama is smoking. This man has commuted more than 1K prisoner sentences. According to the Washington Post, he just granted 79 more commutations on Tuesday, and the sad reality is he has commuted more criminals than the last 11 Presidents …

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Guess what? Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner still might be jail bound!

Last month, Caitlyn Jenner dodged jail time by the skin of her teeth when prosecutors decided not to charge her for the fatal car accident she caused that led to the death of 69-year-old Kim Howe. If the former Olympian thought she was off the hook, however, she was VERY …

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CASTELONI: Jeb Destroyed: Illegals, What the Left Wants

The following video in French by British-Algerian “Aldo Sterone”, partially transcribed below in English, proves that the like of  Obama or Jeb Bush do not want at all to address the issue of how welfare and encouraging illegality for foreigners is a vector for their own rot in the future, …

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