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Brawl For It All! Cupp and Pierson go toe-to-toe on Trump Muslim ban proposal!

S.E. Cupp appeared on CNN Tuesday and trashed GOP front-runner Donald Trump’s plan as “un-American” and “Unconstitutional.” The thing she didn’t see was Trump’s national spokesperson Katrina Pierson waiting in the wings. “I don’t see a shred of what Donald Trump is suggesting that is conservative by nature,” Cupp said. …

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Fiorina to Whoopi and Behar: Have me back on and say it to my face!

GOP Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina is daring the hosts of “The View” to insult her to her face. Fiorina is speaking about an exchange that occurred with The View’s Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar when they disparaged her face as to a Halloween costume. Whoopi even threw in the liberal insurance …

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Duck Dynasty’s Robertsons weigh in on Josh Duggar — You must forgive

Duck Dynasty’s Robertson family has found themselves in hot water this week after they made some “controversial” comments about the Josh Duggar sex scandal. Though the liberal media has completely turned on the devoutly Christian Duggar family in the wake of the scandal, Jase and Missy Robertson spoke out this week …

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Liberal nitwit tries to shout down Marine who has AWESOME response!

In this video, an anti-Marine activist confronts a group of military supporters and former Marines. Unfortunately for the liberal nitwit, this turns out to be a huge mistake… Watch as the Marines manage to shout down the stupid liberal and his hippie friends. “You’re all punks — and I’d die …

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Anti-Rape Supporter – “We have to believe every rape victim”

There’s nothing that feminists hate more than logic and reasoning. Unfortunately for them, that’s exactly what they get confronted with in these videos. In these videos, The Rebel Media’s Lauren Southern travelled to a “Slutwalk” in Edmonton, Canada to expose the incompetence of feminists. According to Infowars, the results were even …

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