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Now this restaurant refuses to serve police in uniforms; What gives?!

Lewisville, Texas – A Whataburger is finding itself in the media for all the wrong reasons. Two police officers say that the restaurant refused them service because of the uniform they were wearing. Strawn City Deputy Marshall Michael Magovern recounted the incident to 1080 KRLD’s Emily Trube in an interview …

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Kosher Bacon – Could It Be A Thing?

I have always felt that people who couldn’t eat pork – vegetarians, Jews, Muslims, and people with health issues etc., were missing out because they could not experience the joy of bacon. Naturally, to show solidarity with all of them I would make it a point to eat one extra …

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Colorado BBQ’s owner changes mind on ‘White Appreciation Day’ discount

A Colorado barbeque restaurant is under fire for wanting to celebrate ‘White Appreciation Day.’ Bomb threats, and heavy backlash resulted in his decision and over the weekend he changed his mind to include anyone who wanted the 10% discount. Edgar Antillon OWNS the Rubbin’ Buttz BBQ restaurant in Milliken, Colorado. On Friday, …

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Arizona couple sentenced for $2.3M food stamp scam, largest in state history!

The couple, 44-year-old Bernard Le-Uh and 33-year-old Monica Le-Uh, were the owners of Nicben African Caribbean Market in Glendale. Lee-Uh and his wife, according to the investigation, would fraudulently charge the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) for cash. They would then split the money with the food stamp recipient. Between …

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