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Death Threats Cause Omarosa To Reschedule Wedding Day—Please Pray!

Omarosa Manigault is a staunch supporter and friend of President Trump. She’s was hit with a bevy of death threats forcing her to change her wedding day. Manigault has been a huge voice and supporter of Pres. Trump throughout the campaign and she defend him on many occasions from media attacks. …

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SUTTON: Let’s Have an Uncomfortable Conversation About Gay Marriage

It may come as a shock to many Christians around the nation that they played a part in the nationwide legalization of gay marriage. Namely, making it a legal matter to begin with. For Christians, the argument is that God, not the government, defined marriage and therefore government cannot redefine …

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BEHNA: DISGUSTING! KY Clerk Kim Davis Leaves Jail, Twitter Users Send Death Threats

After Kim Davis was released from prison Tuesday, some “tolerant” liberals sent her death threats. Too bad “tolerance” to these individuals actually means “you better agree with me on everything.” There is no excuse for this garbage. Of course, those who tweet these threats always …

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Ted Cruz BLASTS jailing of county clerk — “I Stand With Kim”

In front of the federal courthouse, demonstrators shouted at each other, sang hymns and waved signs, which ranged from the violent — turn to Jesus or burn — to simple statements of support. A small plane flew over the courthouse, carrying a banner that said: “Stand Firm Kim.” Davis stopped …

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