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CASTELONI: Jeb Destroyed: Illegals, What the Left Wants

The following video in French by British-Algerian “Aldo Sterone”, partially transcribed below in English, proves that the like of  Obama or Jeb Bush do not want at all to address the issue of how welfare and encouraging illegality for foreigners is a vector for their own rot in the future, …

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Face Palm EU-Hungary Rebukes on Immigration Death Penalty

French and European papers are abuzz regarding the prospect of Hungary’s entry into the EU. This time it is not state subsidized gay lifestyle assurances from a cash strapped Eastern Europe at stake (during the invasion of Kosovo attention to gay rights took moneys from essential humanitarian assistance for refugees such …

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What Do Hillary Clinton and Gwyneth Paltrow Have In Common?

Besides the fact that both women share their far left ideology? Apparently they both have a very low threshold for pain, at least the kind of pain that comes from having to live like commoners. Paltrow recently made a big deal of trying to live on the equivalent of food …

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Immigration And Barack Obama’s New Americans

While the American voters sent a message of repudiation against the overreach of the executive branch in the November 2014 elections, the executive responded by informing the voters that their message would be ignored. As Republicans won in a landslide election that gave them control of Congress by vowing to stop …

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