Public Schools

SHOCK! Student threatens to drop desk on teacher’s head!

Disrespectful and unruly students threatened to commit a violent act to a school teacher and it was caught on cell phone by one of the students. In the clip, several students can be seen shouting and throwing things at the teacher, telling her to “sit your a** down” and threatening her …

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HS Principal slammed to ground breaking up school fight

Three of the students involved were arrested for on battery charges. According to the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department, two of the students are 15 years old and the other is 13 years old. A student who witnessed the intense brawl in the school’s cafeteria captured the chaos on video. As students …

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HS Officer removing student from class by force goes viral

The above video is spreading like wildfire on social media. It has racked up tens of millions of views in a manner of hours. In the video, we see a Spring Valley High School Resource Officer in Richland County, SC apparently dragging a female student out of her desk and …

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