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LAFAGE: RIP Bernie’s Credibility

When push came to shove, Bernie didn't didn't stand firm against corruption, big money and bad government. No. He did what any good leftist in his position would do. He swallowed his pride and fell in line.

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BEHNA: 3 Reasons Ted Cruz MUST NOT Endorse Donald Trump

With Donald Trump being the likely GOP nominee, there are those who are endorsing him, and there are others who stand for conservative principles, refusing to support a candidate who has held leftist policies his entire life. But with that said, some are now wanting to know whether former rival …

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PATHETIC! Twitter Users Attack Carly Fiorina For Endorsing Ted Cruz #CruzCrew

U.S. Senator and presidential candidate earned a huge endorsement today from Carly Fiorina. While there were a lot of gracious responses, there were also those who attacked her for it. @CarlyFiorina @justttsomeguyyy shut up Carly. You're nauseating. — Jack Dane (@johnd8256) March 9, 2016 @CarlyFiorina Shut-up!!! Didn't you get …

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