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LabMD WINS! But At What Cost?


It’s official!  David has beaten Goliath…well, sort of. According to the November 19, 2015 FTC press release In an Initial Decision, Chief Administrative Law Judge D. Michael Chappell dismissed charges in a Federal Trade Commission complaint against medical testing laboratory LabMD, Inc., which alleged that LabMD violated the FTC Act …

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Texas rancher defends land against government grab


One of the hallmarks of Conservatism is the idea that local is better. The government is best kept out of the private lives and private property of individual citizens and our individual voices matter. But that’s not what’s happening to one Texas rancher. Ken Aderholt and his family for generations …

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BEHNA: WOW! @PiersMorgan calls Ben Carson “most brainless brain surgeon”

piers morgan good

On Wednesday, the infamous anti-gun activist Piers Morgan wrote an article for Daily Mail Online, calling him the “most brainless brain surgeon in the US.” Ben Carson is the most brainless brain surgeon in America. My new column: — Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) October 7, 2015 In one paragraph, Piers says …

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Up Into Islam: FBI Phobic Like Tunisian Police?


A phobe is basically someone quoting out of context what a person or an ethnic group has said in order to create fear and distaste in others. For instance, despite Sunni muslims lying about Muhammad marrying a 9-year-old in order to brag and gain recruits, someone else repeating that lie may be …

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Behind Enemy Lines – The Cuckoo! Show


They’ve posed this question on many shows, but now Russell Gallo and Gene Berardelli dedicate a whole show to it. Has the whole world gone crazy? That’s the question you’ll be asking yourself as the boys review the week that was in the news during a whirlwind hour behind enemy …

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It May be Halal, but You Can’t Order it on a Pizza

raid mugshots

Terrorists could have benefited from a clothing drive held by The Midamar Corporation, a leading Halal brand based in the U.S., and Pizza Daddy in Cedar Rapids, which was supposed to help all of the poor, helpless refugees in Syria and Lebanon, if authorities had not discovered their operation. The …

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Sen. Mike Lee Goes Behind Enemy Lines!


In Our Lost Constitution, Senator Mike Lee tells the dramatic, little-known stories behind six of the Constitution’s most indispensible provisions. He shows their rise. He shows their fall. And he makes vividly clear how nearly every abuse of federal power today is rooted in neglect of this Lost Constitution. Gene …

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ACU Schlapp on Loretta Lynch: “Providing cover for this President’s unconstitutional actions is not a job qualification”


ACU’s Matt Schlapp on Loretta Lynch Confirmation: WASHINGTON DC – American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp released the following statement opposing the confirmation of Loretta Lynch, President Obama’s pick to replace Attorney General Eric Holder: “As bad as Eric Holder has been, ACU and the conservative movement continue to oppose …

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Happy Tax Day!


One of the great things about being an American is having the privilege of filing our taxes and sending off a great big check to the IRS. Right? Doesn’t everyone just love this annual ritual that turns a normal Spring day into a day of fear and trepidation? And what …

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Israeli Nuclear Program Declassified by Administration


In the weeks preceding Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address to Congress the Pentagon declassified a 1987 Department of Defense analysis report on Israel’s nuclear weapons capabilities. The move was done without ceremony and without uttering a peep. Israel has been a known nuclear power but has never formally declared themselves as …

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Most Transparent Administration Sets Record for Withholding Government Files

Obama Transparency

The self-proclaimed, “most transparent administration,” as predicted, has been the exact opposite. According to the AP, the Obama administration has set a new record for censoring government files, or simply denying access to them. The AP did an independent analysis of federal data relating to the U.S. Freedom of Information …

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Why Don’t We Just Call It Hillarygate?

Email 3

Since the most scandalous scandal of modern history, the press has tacked on an obligatory –gate to the name of every potential scandal to come out of Washington. The potential of a Hillary Clinton Presidency raises a rather unique problem, one we should probably get ahead of now before things …

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Dupree slams Obama, poverty posse for failed black leadership via Fox and Friends

Wayne Fox and Friends

Trouble is brewing once again in Ferguson, Missouri despite theWatch the latest video at <a href=””></a> Justice Department report that exonerates Officer Darren Wilson from any wrongdoing in the shooting of Michael Brown. If the shooting of Michael Brown was justified, what then is driving the animosity between the residents …

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It’s Official – The Clinton Magic Is Gone

Email 3

There are a lot of questions swirling around regarding Hillary Clinton these days. The latest cover of Time Magazine has drawn a lot of attention because it appears to put horns on the silhouette of Hillary Clinton, begging the question was it deliberate or simply an unfortunate error by the …

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Nation’s Worst Congressman Makes Absurd Budget Proposal

Alan Grayson

This post has been updated. Florida’s 9th district representative Alan Grayson, in between bouts of ingesting paint chips and overtly slandering political opponents, has on occasion attached his sponsorship to House bills. His latest contribution to “providing for the general welfare” (emphasis likely on welfare) is a bill to put eternally to rest …

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Military Funerals Cut….Where Is The Honor??


A United States Veteran should have a funeral and burial full of honor. According to the Department of Defense: Public Law 106-65 requires that every eligible Veteran receive a military funeral honors ceremony, to include folding and presenting the United States burial flag and the playing of Taps. The law defines …

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