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Shia, Sunnis, Iran and the next World War


It is apparently a myth that Muhammad married Aisha, a 9 year old little girl, but it should not make one feel good because this myth was propagated by Sunni Muslims. It was propagated because Sunnis follow the story line of the victimhood of Aisha vs. that of Muhammad as a …

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Effort On to Recall Ferguson Mayor: What is the Real Reason?

Marches in Ferguson

Ferguson Missouri has seen a lot of turmoil in the last year for a small city. Most of that turmoil came in the aftermath of the shooting death of black teenager Michael Brown by a white police officer. Most Ferguson residents simply want to bring peace and healing to their …

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Face Palm EU-Hungary Rebukes on Immigration Death Penalty


French and European papers are abuzz regarding the prospect of Hungary’s entry into the EU. This time it is not state subsidized gay lifestyle assurances from a cash strapped Eastern Europe at stake (during the invasion of Kosovo attention to gay rights took moneys from essential humanitarian assistance for refugees such …

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Ebola in New York…What We Know Right Now


Dr. Craig Spencer worked with Doctors Without Borders and had recently returned from treating Ebola patients in Guinea….returning through New York’s JFK International Airport. While Mayor Bill de Blasio states that very few people had contact with him, The New York Times reports that he traveled by subway from Manhattan to Brooklyn last night. He …

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Five Children Exposed to Ebola in Dallas


Officials announced in a news conference today that among 12-18 people suspected as being exposed to Ebola…. five are children. Health officials learned of the possible contact between patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, and the children on Wednesday. At this point they are not showing any symptoms and are being closely monitored from home. Dallas Independent …

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Possible Ebola Case Dallas, TX

unnamed (1)

A spokesperson with Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital stated that the hospital is currently treating a patient with symptoms of Ebola and a travel history to infected areas. The patient is being kept in strict isolation, but further details were not released due to confidentiality and privacy concerns. The CDC states …

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Jihad across America….Oklahoma is not the first


As the disturbing story of the beheading of an American woman and injury to another unfolds, more people are beginning to become aware that we DO have a problem in America. It is no longer the problem “over there”. It’s here on our soil and the incident today is not …

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Sick African Crew Members Being Unloaded from Ship in Louisiana

CDC sign istock66

I just saw a news report on that has sent chills down my spine! An African ship has docked in Belle Chasse, LA with sick passengers. One passenger was removed and transferred, but West Jefferson Medical Center says that they are treating three patients. Doctors have released a statement …

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The U.S. Takes on Ebola….Too Little, Too Late?


As the death toll and infection rate continue to sky-rocket, the President plans to send 3000 Americans into an Ebola-infested cesspool. Other U.S. leaders, Democrat and Republican, are asking for even more. This time-bomb has been ticking for a good while, but the Senate had its FIRST hearing on Ebola today. At …

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