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Big Government/Nanny State

Omnibus Bill: Illegals to get social security and more!

It would be comforting to know if there was anyone in the Government that are looking out for the American citizens; It would be nice to lay down at lease one night knowing the People we pay all 535+1 in Washington are protecting our interest, or should We declare ourselves …

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LabMD WINS! But At What Cost?

It’s official!  David has beaten Goliath…well, sort of. According to the November 19, 2015 FTC press release In an Initial Decision, Chief Administrative Law Judge D. Michael Chappell dismissed charges in a Federal Trade Commission complaint against medical testing laboratory LabMD, Inc., which alleged that LabMD violated the FTC Act …

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NEW CNN POLL: More Americans Oppose Stricter Gun Control

On Wednesday, a new CNN/ORC poll was released, and it showed a good sign for law-abiding, gun right supporters. The poll showed 52% of those surveyed oppose stricter gun control, 46% support it, and 3% had no opinion. This was an increase from a June survey, which held a tie …

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