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ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp backs Nunes as Intelligence Committee chairman


American Conservative Union (ACU) Chairman Matt Schlapp praised House Speaker Paul Ryan for requesting that Congressman (R-CA) continue to chair the House Intelligence Committee. “Devin has been a strong and responsible voice on our recent foreign intelligence failures,” said Schlapp. “He understands that Americans should stand together on these issues, …

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Rand Paul says reports of his demise is greatly exaggerated


GOP Presidential candidate Rand Paul is tired of hearing about his campaign being toast! I will admit I have sprinkled dirt on his attempt to win the GOP nomination because the promise he jumped in the race with has significantly diminished. Politico featured a piece a couple of weeks ago …

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Hillary Clinton in Iowa – Who cares about emails and Benghazi

Hillary Clinton in Iowa – Who cares about emails and Benghazi

Here’s an example of the mindless goofballs supporting Hillary Clinton. A man introducing her in Iowa says, “Who cares?” about the Scandal and Benghazi! “I want to know what tomorrow is about, not what yesterday’s about” Every American should care why four Americans were killed in an obvious terrorist …

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R, D, or I, Rand Paul is the Litmus Test on Where You Stand


Last week conservatives lost their mind over the “friendly fire” from Senator and presidential candidate Rand Paul on the topic of ISIS. Speaking with MSNBC’s token (and artificial) right-winger Joe Scarborough, he responded to a question asked in the spirit of Lindsey Graham. It was a baited trap that garnered …

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Hilarious Sexy Videos: Stop Ranting, Start Laughing with Julie Borowski


  The genuine author is ultimate in authority, and Julie Borowski, as a rising star of libertarianism, does not disappoint. She gathers her initiating flock from left and right with a humor on subjects that would give us aneurysms. In three videos here, she mocks state immunity promoted through feminism, such …

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Behind Enemy Lines – Pick Your Poison


Threats to the American way of life are all around us these days. At home, Baltimore is plagued by riots over the arrest of eventual death of Freddy Gray, which the Washington Post reports may have been self-inflicted. Russ Gallo and Gene Berardelli pull no punches and give you their …

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Why Are You Wasting Your Time With the Left?

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Virtually all of us have friends and loved ones that are avowed leftists. It’d be near impossible not to. However, here’s a hard pill to swallow, and yet it’s time to take the medicine. At this point in the world, and truthfully for some time now, those that consciously associate …

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Here Are The 10 Most Absurd Media Attacks On Rand Paul


Here are the 10 most absurd attacks on Rand Paul from the mainstream media. 1) Rand Paul is being criticized as ‘sexist’ and anti-women for calling out Savannah Guthrie and the rest of the media that is trying to destroy his presidential hopes. 2) Liberal source ThinkProgress wrote an article …

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Before You Stand With Rand Know For What Rand Stands

Rand Paul

Sen. Rand Paul recently announced his intention to seek the Republican nomination and as would be expected social media was deluged with various renditions of “I Stand With Rand” from his supporters. Obviously Sen. Paul has spent a great deal of time building his grassroots organization in preparation for this …

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NRCC’s Ian Prior Goes Behind Enemy Lines!


In case you miss last night’s show, Ian Prior, National Press Secretary for the National Republican Congressional Committee, went Behind Enemy s with Gene Berardelli and Russell Gallo to talk about the special election set for May 5 in New York’s 11th Congressional District between Republican Dan Donovan and “fourth-tier” …

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5 Reasons Why Ted Cruz Can’t Be President…Debunked!

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Ted Cruz, my pick for 2016, threw his hat in the race for president on Monday and he is already receiving flack. Attacks from both those on the left and the right claim that Cruz is a hypocrite, not qualified, inexperienced and crazy. One of the most principled and honest politicians in Washington, Cruz is no Barack Obama, no …

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BE PREPARED TED! Top 10 Lies Ted Cruz Is Facing From Media

ted cruz

As Ted Cruz’s campaign for president is just underway, so is the entire mainstream media, as they throw every lie and distortion his way in an attempt to ruin his chances for 2016. Here is a list of 10 of them. 1) Liberal source ThinkProgress released an article, claiming Ted …

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