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GOOD GRIEF! Twitter Users Blame Recent Flooding On “Climate Change”

Once again, there has been more flooding in recent days in the midwest and southern states. Unfortunately, this also means that environmentalists once again blame it on climate change. January flooding & yet, still republicans say: "It's God's will, he is testing us." or "Nope, not climate change." — …

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BOMBSHELL! New NASA Study Says Burning Fossil Fuels COOLS The Planet

Environmentalists will not be happy with NASA’s most recent study on climate change. Contrary to popular belief, they determined that the burning of fossil fuels leads to a cooling of the planet, not warming. Below were some of the comments from a spokeswoman for NASA: To quantify climate change, researchers …

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My 5 Reasons Why I Oppose Climate Change Agenda

With the climate change talks by world leaders taking place in Paris for the next 2 weeks, I need to re-emphasize 5 reasons why I refuse to support this agenda. 1.) There hasn’t been any global warming present for nearly the past 20 years. But don’t take it from me. …

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Twitter Users Blame Donald Trump For Hurricane Patricia

With one of the most powerful hurricanes ever measured, Patricia, heading towards Mexico, it prompted users to blame the storm on none other than the leading GOP candidate: Donald Trump. This came in response to comments Trump has made regarding his statements on Mexico and other immigration policies since …

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