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SUTTON: NASA Announces More Meaningless Space Hype

Once upon a time the world was not completely discovered. There were gaps on the map, mysteries over the horizon. It was the unknown. It was, “Here Be Dragons.” Over time, the gaps were filled and there were no dragons to be found in them. Now it is the immense …

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Investigation Casts Doubt On Ballot Security

Local governments all across Virginia are scrambling to replace their voting machines in time for the next election due to a decision by the State Board of Elections to immediately decertify their Win-Vote voting machines. The action is a result of security concerns following a report published by an investigator …

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The Dreaded Black Box Search – We Can Do Better Than This

The tragic crash of a German airliner this week immediately evoked memories of the two airliners lost in Southeast Asia. Fortunately I suppose, this time the crash site was on dry land, not that it helped the crew and passengers at all. Even at that, due to the rugged terrain …

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