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WAAR Recaps

BEL – An Article 3 Kind of Show


Many conservatives have been fretting over the recent SCOTUS decisions on same sex marriage and Obamacare. Well Gene and Russ from Behind Enemy s are right there with you! But instead of crying over spilled milk (well, we do some of that, too). It’s time for some solutions. The biggest …

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BEL – Raffi Williams!


It’s a week of interviews on this week’s Behind Enemy s! We open with a discussion with Raffi Williams, Deputy Press Secretary from the RNC, who reveals how many debates we’ll see on the road to the Republican nomination – hint: It’s a lot. We then were lucky to talk …

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BEL: Did Jeb Get Trumped?


This week, while Gallo is on a well-deserved vacation, Gene Berardelli was joined by a good friend from a state that’s grown two bond fide candidates for President. This week, Daniel Ruoss, Chair of the Florida Federation of Young Republicans, goes Behind Enemy s to school us on why Jeb! is …

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BEL: Evan Sayet – One Night Only!


Behind Enemy s Radio’s Gene Berardelli and Russell Gallo welcome conservative comedian, satirist and best-selling author Evan Sayet onto the show to talk about his national comedy club tour and his own personal war against political correctness. Evan makes some strong points – political culture does travel downstream to pop …

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Behind Enemy Lines – Stampede!


It feels like a stampede of politically powered pachyderms pounding pavement on the path to the Presidency! Is there anyone at this point who ISN’T running for President? Gene Berardelli and Russell Gallo break down the current Republican and Democratic field as it stands today, talking about who’s on top, …

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Marilyn Mosby – Liar Is Thy Name!


If you’re as sick of the lies and corruption in Baltimore as I am, you’ll want to hear what I have to say about the “impartial” prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby. After discovering that she has yet another controversial contact on her , I tear into her; questioning her morals, ethics, and …

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Behind Enemy Lines – Stop Suing Everyone!!!


Amanda Kohut pinch hits for a conspicuously absent Russell Gallo to join Gene Berardelli Behind Enemy s LIVE from the “People’s Republic of” New York City. After a brief discussion about how character counts in the context of the Josh Duggar controversy, Gene and Amanda welcome the Senior Fellow from …

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PODCAST: Cold War Radio – News The MSM Refuses To Report


On Monday’s Cold War Radio, no topic is off-limits! Stacy Rush joins The Godfather to discuss everything including the latest on Benghazi, ISIS taking the city of Ramadi, allegations Russia blackmailed Clinton over Monica, and #GhostSec taking on #ISIS in cyber warfare. THIS is a podcast you DO NOT WANT …

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Behind Enemy Lines – The Cuckoo! Show


They’ve posed this question on many shows, but now Russell Gallo and Gene Berardelli dedicate a whole show to it. Has the whole world gone crazy? That’s the question you’ll be asking yourself as the boys review the week that was in the news during a whirlwind hour behind enemy …

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Hidden Report Podcast: Let’s talk Potus on twitter!


Angel & JP discuss the racists who were attacking the new potus account. Why are liberals blaming conservatives for all of those racist tweets? We also talk about how a white guy shoots a cop and not only lives, but gets to go home on bail! Finally, we cover the amazing …

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Behind Enemy Lines – The Demokratic Party


Gene Berardelli and Russell Gallo just put it out there – today’s Democrats act a lot like Communists. President Obama calling hedge fund managers “Society’s Lottery Winners” who have more than they “need” and should “re-invest” in government-supported programs? Hillary Clinton saying that corporations do not create jobs? Maxine Waters …

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The Hidden Report Recap


Happy first birthday to WAARadio! Please check out the latest episode of The Hidden Report​, with cohosts Jonathan Pantaleon and Arlette Perez. Jonathan and Arlette cohost with Angel as they discuss the following points: Is thug the new N word? There is a movement claiming that racist people are now …

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Sen. Mike Lee Goes Behind Enemy Lines!


In Our Lost Constitution, Senator Mike Lee tells the dramatic, little-known stories behind six of the Constitution’s most indispensible provisions. He shows their rise. He shows their fall. And he makes vividly clear how nearly every abuse of federal power today is rooted in neglect of this Lost Constitution. Gene …

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The Meme Questlove Doesn’t Want You To See!

Questlove Large

Today marks a first for me – the first time a “celebrity” has blocked me on social media. And it’s all because of one little tweet. #LiberalLogic lesson of the day: Some words are racist, except when they’re not @questlove @BEL_Radio @WAAR_Media — Gene Berardelli, Esq (@gberardelli) April 29, …

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Behind Enemy Lines – The Science is SETTLED!!!


For a very special “Earth Day” edition of Behind Enemy s, Russell and Gene come to a definite conclusion. Yes, climate does change. One day it is sunny, the next it may rain. A few months from now, it will be warmer, then it’ll be colder months after that. We …

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Hidden Report Recap: Race biased Judge Olu Stevens

Hidden Report

Judge Olu Stevens feels that it is okay to bring his personal feelings into the courtroom. He hands down a lighter sentence to armed home invaders. I believe he did this because he is “deeply offended” by the 3 year old victim who stated that she is scared of black …

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Behind Enemy Lines – Deconstructing Hillary


This week, Behind Enemy s takes an in-depth look at now-declared Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with AEI Senior Fellow / Forbes Columnist Karlyn Bowman. Karlyn Bowman compiles and analyzes American public opinion using available polling data on a variety of subjects, including the economy, taxes, the state of workers …

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