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For Cecil The Lion – Mia Farrow’s Home Address

mia farrow home closeup 2

Actress Mia Farrow ed out Dentist Walter Palmer’s home address after it was found out that he had killed a celebrity lion in Zimbabwe. Palmer has apologized for the killing. His apology reads: “In early July, I was in Zimbabwe on a bow hunting trip for big game. I hired …

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Kenyan gay couple evicted from home; told to “go wait for your Obama”


In June 2013, Barack Obama tried to tell Africa they must change to accept the new way of living (homosexuality,) and they were like no. Africa is one of the few places that stands defiant against this homosexuality. Follow @waynedupreeshow RELATED ARTICLE: Obama tries to Tell Africa Gay Rights Should be Universal; …

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Merah Terror Saga: All in the Family


The Mohamed Merah affair did not end in his fiery death during a stand off at his Toulouse, France apartment in 2012; after having killed two French Soldiers and a Jewish Rabbi under the influence of Al Qaeda, as a sort of prelude to Charlie type terror. Initially French authorities …

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Al-Qaeda likes to “Move it! Move it!”

Koranic schools

FBI and CIA are observing terror activities in Madagascar. Previously Ben-Laden’s brother in law Jamel Khalifa had been killed in the region in 2006. According to the Indian-Ocean-Times, the East coast of Madagascar which has a view on the sea lane around Africa and Cape of Good Hope, is under surveillance …

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Watch man light a joint during interview then walk off in disgust


Andre Du Plessis was part of a TV debate on legalization of cannabis during South Africa’s The Newsroom. Just before the debate concluded he took out his lighter and appeared to light a joint. SABC spokesman Kaiser Kganyago said they were not able to confirm whether what Du Plessis was smoking …

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Can We COEXIST? Apparently not.

Libyan refugees

Italian police have arrested 15 Muslim refugees for allegedly throwing 12 of their traveling companions overboard during the Mediterranean Sea crossing. According to a report in the UK Daily Mail, a fight broke out among the refugees after some of them declared their Christian faith. The Muslim men began throwing …

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Celebrating Easter In A Hostile World

Naghmeh Abedini speaks at CPAC about her husband's incarceration.

Around the world Christians from all nations are celebrating Easter, commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christ warned his disciples of his impending death and made the promise to rise again on the third day, a promised that He kept. Christ also gave us warnings about the times in which …

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Sick African Crew Members Being Unloaded from Ship in Louisiana

CDC sign istock66

I just saw a news report on that has sent chills down my spine! An African ship has docked in Belle Chasse, LA with sick passengers. One passenger was removed and transferred, but West Jefferson Medical Center says that they are treating three patients. Doctors have released a statement …

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The U.S. Takes on Ebola….Too Little, Too Late?


As the death toll and infection rate continue to sky-rocket, the President plans to send 3000 Americans into an Ebola-infested cesspool. Other U.S. leaders, Democrat and Republican, are asking for even more. This time-bomb has been ticking for a good while, but the Senate had its FIRST hearing on Ebola today. At …

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