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Caught on Camera – NY Thug Picks Fight With Wrong Trucker, Gets Beating Of A Lifetime

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I guess the Pink Panther Party, Messy Jackson and Alice Sharpton will protest and call on MSNBC to televise the event.

Not everyone is afraid to fight back. This young thug could have walked off, but he didn’t. He decided to go after two men who were walking away until they saw him go after them mouthing off.

The first punch thrown was by said young black guy who was sent to sleep a little later after.

The violence in this country – (has nothing to do with guns) is escalating, and we need to address this anger/hate/hostility as innocents are being hurt. Those with power and have the ear of the media NEED to take action and speak out against this growing anger – which has seemed to increase with Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, etc. and undoing all that previous leaders such as M. King talked about. Sad.


Drop us your comment below and let us know what you thought of this beatdown. Did the young man deserve it or was it too much?

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