CBS News Boss: We’re Not Biased says CBS is ‘constantly diligent’ to make sure network does not reflect bias

Unbiased CBS???

The President of CBS News told the Greater Chamber’s annual Economic Outlook Conference that claims by conservatives that his network, and the rest of what has derisively been labeled as the ‘mainstream media’ are simply ‘labels’ and David Rhodes said those labels ‘don’t stick.’

“We still have millions of people coming to these broadcasts, and a great day for me is when we take incoming from both sides about how we handled a story,” Rhodes told 1200 WOAI’s Michael Board.

In fact, Rhodes said CBS is a beacon of unbiased news.

“I think, frankly, one of the great things about working with Scott (Pelley, the new main anchor of the CBS Evening News) since we elevated him, is that nobody really knows where he is, and that is so rare in this environment.”

Rhodes said he and his management team are ‘constantly diligent’ to make sure labels of bias, “and they are labels,’ don’t stick.”

Rhodes acknowledged that there is a concern about bias in the mainstream media that has resulted in the creation of competing news networks.

“Fox was built into a great franchise because many people in this country don’t trust, or just plain don’t like, the other options,” he said.


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