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Chaffetz and the House move to impeach Obama’s IRS chief

Shame it wasn’t President Barack Obama but maybe this House of Cards begins to fall with this latest move.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, chair of the House Oversight Committee, officially began the process of impeaching IRS head John Koskinen today.

Chaffetz argued that Koskinen lied to Congress when he said they were turning over all of Lois Lerner’s emails. In reality, the IRS was in the process of destroying the backup files that contained these emails.

Chaffetz and his colleagues claim that the IRS knew that some of Lerner’s emails were missing in February of 2014 and that they then destroyed backup tapes a month later. Koskinen, however, didn’t admit any of this to Congress until June.

“The chain of command all the way down has changed,” Koskinen told the Senate earlier Tuesday, claiming that he had cleaned up his agency. “There are new people that have gone through, and we’ve pursued appropriate disciplinary review as needed.”

Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch told Koskinen today that many of his efforts appear to have been misdirected.

“Our overall goal here should be to restore the credibility of the IRS and ensure that this very powerful agency treats all American taxpayers fairly,” the Utah Republican said.

“The targeting scandal, coupled with poor customer service and general mismanagement has shaken what confidence taxpayers had in the IRS,” Sen. Chuck Grassley added. “To move beyond this, Congress and the IRS are going to have to work together to make the necessary changes to ensure similar abuses can never happen again.”

We can only hope that this impeachment gives Congress the confidence they need to go after Obama next…

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h/t – Fox13Now, Yahoo News


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