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Chainsaw Conservatism

A while back my husband I and were in a bookstore looking through autobiographies of different actors, actresses, and politicians. As I picked up one on Ben Franklin, I noticed my husband covering up books by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton with other books about Ronald Reagan. I started to laugh and he just smiled and placed a book about the second amendment in front of “Dreams from My Father.” At the time I just thought it was my husband being my husband (if you think I’m conservative, hang out with the mister some day), but looking back I realize he was demonstrating the signs of a new type of conservatism.

I’m talking about a take-no-prisoners type of “chainsaw” conservatism – patriots if you will, who love bacon, hate political correctness, defend the troops, know the Constitution by heart, and have taken the gloves off. They are inspired by the Tea Party but may be a bit too much for the more traditional conservatives therein. Many love and quote Andrew Breitbart and share his fire for shutting down progressive agendas. I think of them as warriors really, in the trenches, fighting the good fight and getting their hands dirty.

If you spend any time in social media, you will see many of these conservative-chainsaw-warriors demanding to be heard, which is especially important when our media is impotent, useless, and reports propaganda as “news.” They’re out there on Twitter, Facebook, doing radio and writing blogs. People like Dana Loesch, Michelle Malkin, Dennis Miller, Wayne Dupree, Tammy Bruce, Nick Searcy… the list goes on. They’re outspoken, conservative warriors, on a much different but all too important battlefield, doing what they can to tell the truth about progressive policies destroying our people, and our country.

Chainsaw conservatism is fueled by passion and an enduring love of country that makes them nearly impossible to ignore. When you see them you can’t help but feel inspired and want to join in the fight and share your own voice and ideas, and to join ranks and do your part to wake up low information voters and remind them how important it is to be an American, to be free. For far too long, liberals have exploited traditional media so these conservatives have created a new media, and in doing so are influencing ideas, educating the uneducated, and changing minds. As we are often reminded, controlling the dialogue is key to winning elections and chainsaw conservatives know this.

Now more so than ever before, we need these brave conservatives to combat the amount of rhetoric and empty promises democrats have made to this country. The left has successfully painted republicans as the party of “No”, the party of intolerance, and the party of old, rich, white men. I hate to admit it, but they have been successful in these efforts. Democrats can market (they love to draw pretty pictures!)  so it’s up to the conservatives of the new media to break those molds and shake the stereotypes up. And sure, more traditional conservatives may not like their tactics or the language they use, but this is a grassroots war. And in war, there is no time to worry about swearing or being a lady or a gentleman. Like any chainsaw, it can get messy, but it’s always effective.

This new type of conservatism, of which I am proudly a part, is coming for the democrats in November…  if they thought 2010 was rough with the Tea Party. They ain’t seen nothing yet.

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