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Chairman Issa holds Q&A on Facebook

There is little doubt the American people are outraged by a system that denigrates a majority of the political realm to influence a major election and seemingly just gets away with it.

In a nearly unprecedented move, today House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa offered on his Facebook page a question and answer series regarding the IRS investigation. He writes, “Ready to take your questions about the IRS investigation! I’ll answer as many as I can in the next twenty minutes. Ready? Go!”

10415725_10152225090432993_6682762851459877775_nAnd that he does, for somewhere around five minutes Rep. Issa answered 18 questions from the worried public ranging from “will Congress assign a special prosecutor” to “what would happen to Americans if we just lost our tax documents?”

At last glance, one hour later, there are 910 comments on this thread asking why can’t anyone do something of worth to get real answers rather than the continued stalls and smirks we see from IRS Commission Koskinen at each hearing? We all feel the same frustration. The foxes have guard of the hen-house and we know very little will come of the dog and pony show. If the Department of Justice is solely relied on (as our system dictates) to assign a special prosecutor, and we all know the DOJ is part of the same cabal, then we are forever at an impasse.

Rep. Issa encourages persistence by the people. Well, like you, I am tired of persisting that politicians and /or media do IT’S OWN JOB, and we are merely a sampling of millions who feel this. And more to the point, specifically what does that mean anyway? If we call our Representative in the House demanding an investigation, then the answer is there is one currently occurring. If we call the media demanding that they cover it, some are and others scoff. So the question is, “To whom do we persist?” Because we beat a drum that no one hears.

image002I know we are discouraged preaching to the choir day in and day out. They know they can keep throwing a plethora of scandals our way and exhaust us each day. These scandals are merely symptoms and possibly psyops to discourage a majority of thinking Americans. We must pluck out the root cause of these issues and scandals and join forces as we seek to find that root. We must continue to lock arms on what unites us: The Great American Dream and Lady Liberty, forsaking the issues that intend to divide us: race, religion, gender or even our voting history.

As Rep. Issa reminds us during his brief question and answer session, “Through citizen engagement, we have a chance to hold government accountable and catalyze change so that there is accountability and a Justice Department that doesn’t turn a blind eye to wrong doing.” Keep demanding Justice! We know the difference between right and wrong in spite of the complicit media’s attempt to redefine it. It is that continued engagement that will bring us victory.

Whatever you do, dear Liberty Lovers: DON’T GIVE UP THE SHIP!!!

For the latest on the Committee’s investigation, visit‬‬ and be sure to tune in to tonight’s continued hearing beginning at 7pm EST.

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