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Charlotte Nation of Islam Activist: Since Black Lives Don’t Matter, Neither Should Our Black Dollars

Congratulations to this Nation of Islam Activist for fanning the flames of violence today in Charlotte. B.J. Murphy spoke at a press conference today, calling for an economic boycott of Charlotte while telling the community to continue doing what they were doing until they see justice.

This race issue has to stop. White people are gunned down also. But, we don’t see that on the news. Why? Because they’re criminals. Sometimes, police officers have to make a decision. I have no clue what they’re feeling when they make that decision. Neither do y’all. Black people aren’t being “oppressed.” They are dividing this country single-handedly and the media is helping them.

This press conference was a sham and this guy was no help at all trying to work tings out. He continuously said nobody is listening or talking about it. Hell, all of black radio is talking about it and have his attitude. What he wants to see is people flocking to the city for a mass protest. He’s that needy.

From Fox News:

“We’re watching our black men this week being gunned down, and there’s no redress for our grievances of black people being killed,” Murphy said.

He called for an independent investigation into if Scott indeed had a handgun when he was killed.

In the meantime, Murphy said he’s calling for an economic boycott of the whole city.

“Since black lives do not matter for this city, then our black dollars shouldn’t matter,” Murphy said. “We’re calling on all black people in Charlotte to keep your money in your pocket. And let the city of Charlotte – with their great shiny buildings and skyscrapers and Panthers and Hornets and all that – keep your money in your pocket.”

“Let everybody feel the pain economically of what we’re feeling physically when you kill us.”

This buffoon literally told people to continue to riot & boycott white businesses. This jerk had one thing in mind when he stood there, divide by race to fan the flames of unrest; because he mistakenly thinks it’ll work out well for them in the end.

This man could have said please stop the violent protests, let’s wait to see all the evidence and let’s pray for the victim’s family and the police families. What is boycotting stores going to do? The store owners have nothing to do with this.

This behavior is self destructive. Businesses cannot exist in these areas which means no jobs. When people riot without any logical reason, it makes the rest of America tune out. Like the little boy who cried wolf. So many cases of criminals being killed where the cops were justified, when a real injustice occurs, no one will listen.

What do you think about this statement by this activist?

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